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Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
I wouldn't give antibiotics without knowing what's wrong and bathing could make it worse if its an infection i think.
Personally, i'd get him checked out by a vet. In a big enough carrier and plenty of substrate Loki should be ok to travel.
The trouble is I don't really have a vet I can trust to treat Loki. There is one lady vet who has an interest in exotics but even she got the dosage of his meds wrong. I have taken him a couple of times but I find they always just say try Metacam or Baytril. I have spoken with 3 different vet practices in my area and not one of them has anyone who knows much about treating hamsters, shocking isn't it!!
I am going to monitor his ear for the next 24 hours, he is already on Metacam.
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