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I use these ferplast drinky bottles - they're my favourite They actually come with a little clip that fits to the bars and bottle sits in the holder - inside the cage (so the spout doesn't need to go through the bars) - and holds it at whatever height you want. Works well with hamsters who get freaked by bar clanging noises. But Mainly I got them as they're the most reliable ones I've used (as well as for the clip). They always seem to let the water out well but don't drip or empty themselves.

A bit of cardboard probably does the same thing though!

Like so many things, they have gone up in price! I used to buy them for 1.50. For the past few years they've been 3.50 and now doubled in price!

FPI 4660 Drinky 75 Drinking Bottle | Welcome to Porton Garden Aquatic & Pets

The way they show it on the picture is with the holder on the outside and the spout through the bars, but it works either way round - I have the holder on the inside and the bottle inside the cage (no spout through the bars). Either way it's very easy to get the bottle in and out - you just pull it out of the holder.
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