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Default Re: Actually Ethical Hamster Breeders

I asked in case anyone has any experiences with breeders that they find ethical? Not sure why that is what was missed there. I've been in contact with other breeders, also. Just a matter of deciding which ones I am okay with.

The NHC breeds for showstock. I do not want a hamster simply because it hits all the visual requirements. I want a pedigree so I can see its lineage. I have no need to go to the NHC. If a breeder says they comply with the NHC, I don't see that as a bad thing right away, but that alone doesn't demonstrate the care or practices they actually do.

I want a pedigree hamster from a good breeder. I think that is simple enough, and not something we should label as an "ideal world".

Thanks for your comments, Engel. As helpful as always.
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