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Default Re: Actually Ethical Hamster Breeders

Simply put, if you want pedigree and all that entails you go breeder. All 'ethical' breeders are listed on the fancy website because they are judged and breeding is to a specific standard, anyone outside this is typically a red flag because their specimens haven't been judged and therefore it can't be determined if they're of standard. If you want one that ensures all pups are going to a good home that meets the minimum welfare requirements then you need to go rescue. You need to pick one as you can't have both.

You've already found the list of breeders of the fancy, why don't you contact them and talk about their practices and ask all the questions you need to ask? Decent breeders will be happy to answer these and any that dodge a question repeatedly should be a red flag. Once you've settled on one ask to be put on their waiting list. If they don't have one I'd pass.

We can't answer what you want because we aren't said breeder. You need to contact them.
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