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Default Re: Actually Ethical Hamster Breeders

First thing that comes to mind is no animal is bomb proof. Sure you can know their date of birth and all the history and the parents genetics (should they provide accurate documentation) but ultimately that isn't going to make the slightest difference in the long run because there is also the environmental factors which affect health and longevity. On paper the animal could be the most healthy specimen ever but in reality it could be something that drops dead before it's 6 months old due to an unknown genetic condition. Ria actually is right, what you want is an ideal situation; no problem with that. But that's in a world that doesn't exist. People lie to get what they want.

Just put things into perspective my one dog was from a breeder (note KC is stricter than NHC). This breeder had a licence to breed and was part of the Kennel club. When we got there he was running the equivalent of a puppy farm, we took the dog as he was hinted at destroying the pup. He was perfect temperament and smashed the breed standard. He ended up having inherited allergy issues (and this covered all protein, some veg, pollens, dust, pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs) Anyway they can test for it as it's a common problem with the breed. We found he had a brain tumour and died before he was 3 years old. - pedigree and clubs really don't mean anything and can actually be detrimental to the dogs health. You'd be na´ve to think they breed for the animals benefit, it's all ours. It's what we want in a hamster not what the hamster needs. All animals bred are the same which is why there are so many issues today and why so many animals are suffering - they breed for type and can breed to the extreme.

I will touch on the rescue side just because this will directly affect you as you are in rescue/re-home. We are currently in another massive pet dump at the moment. People will continue going to breeders and they aren't going to ensure nor is it possible to ensure in reality that the animals are going to be cared for correctly or be passed on to someone else and then end up in rescue. The system is already at capacity and resources/funds are low. You could essentially be bringing X amount of other hamsters into the system which is already at breaking point, while you're trying to rescue and rehome those discarded. What you need to think is what happened when your rescue is full and there's no homes? What will happen to those that families give up and can't go into a rescue because they're full? What will happen to them?

Why don't you give one of your next rescues a permanent home in Pico's memory? For it doesn't matter their past, you can't change it. A future with you, in a loving caring home will mean more to them, and be much more rewarding for you than I think you realise. You come across as you are scared that history will repeat itself so you think going with the safety blanket of a 'ethically bred' hamster will protect you from that, it won't.

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