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Default Re: Raphael (Raffy's) Adventures

Another great idea Ria . I will still give him a few more days to adjust though rather than bother him by doing more things to the cage just yet. But yes sometimes you need to change something if it isn’t working.

It’s interesting his personality now he’s that bit older. He must be about 9 months now and is less whizzy in his cage and more grown up and confident . The way he casually hops onto that bendy bridge and doesn’t exactly walk up the side of the cork log - he just used it as a step! Ie jumps up onto it at the end then steps onto the shelf.

Right now he’s running on the saucer in the playpen and darting around in there. He loves that saucer! Mind you he loves all wheels. It makes a real racket. He runs on it so hard it walks across the floor and ends up banging on the side of the playpen or a hide or something else in there. If I move it he looks very affronted!
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