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Default Re: Raphael (Raffy's) Adventures

Thank you Stanza! That bendy bridge is one that screws to the bars. And actually it still isn’t quite right - as Raffy demonstrated to me when he went down it - not quite enough space beyond it for him to comfortably get a footing and turn round! As the edge of the house is about 2.5 to 3” after the ramp. I couldn’t move the little shelf any further along or it wouldn’t have lined up with the Sputnik. I could move the bendy bridge further along the bars so there’s more space at the end of it where he walks off - but then it would be steeper as well as shorter. Anyway Raffy solved that one as he just nonchalantly hops onto it half way along from the house roof and doesn’t bother to go to the end of it and climb up.

He is using the roof run - I watched the video from the other night. But not as much as I thought he would. But then it’s only been a couple of days. He instead takes the easy route down the side of the cork log or up the side of the cork log which is directly opposite his house. He seems a bit perturbed by the slight gap between the tube and the Sputnik at one end. It’s the best you can do as they’re not designed to fit together and due to the angle of the Sputnik. Other hansters have never bothered and just stepped over it. But as I say it’s early days.

He really likes the little shelf though and sits on there chewing his hanging chew stick. He’s not like any Syrian I’ve had before - he ignores his coconut hide - unless I put food in it then he just gets the food and doesn’t bother to sit in it. Basically he is not a sitting still hamster! The only time he sits still is to have a wash and he seems to like doing that on the large shelf.

There is a very funny bit on the video from the other night so when I get round to it I’ll upload it on here.
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