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Default Re: Actually Ethical Hamster Breeders

Personally I don't feel that every aspect of a breeder's care needs to align with my own preferences in order for me to feel happy adopting from them but I do want to see that their highest priority is the individual welfare of every animal in their care. It's more about the right breeding philosophy than the specific standards.

That doesn't mean the care standards are irrelevant, far from it. I'm very doubtful that someone could advocate for keeping Syrians in 1000 sq cm cages (not that very many people seriously suggest that nowadays) while also having as a top priority and motivation the individual welfare of every hamster. The two things just aren't consistent. There are hamster breeders I would be happy adopting from and others I wouldn't. I do agree with what you are saying that it's possible to be blinded by the prefixes and the pedigrees and think it means more than it actually does.

Once I have seen a breeder has genuinely ethical priorities and motivations, I don't find it necessary to ask questions about their care because I can trust they are doing their best for their animals. I think that works both ways because when I adopted gerbils from a breeder (one of the truly ethical ones who I was lucky to find) I wasn't asked about every aspect of my care. I had already shown my enclosure and given some information about myself so I suppose that was enough for them to trust me with the rest.

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