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Default Re: Actually Ethical Hamster Breeders

As far as I understand it, hamsteries get their NHC for showing hamsters, rather than specifically breeding, although many hamsteries do breed their own show lines and sell pups as well, after they have decided who to keep. Some do breed other hamsters too. As NHC hamsteries, I l believe, sign up to a code of conduct. And each hamster species, and beyond that individual colourings have a standard that breeders are aiming for. These standards are based on ideal colour, pattern, size etc. So beyond personal preference for cages etc, hamsters are bred to be healthy. Breeders take time to understand genetics and only breed from hamsters they know the history of. I've seen several adverts online from NHC breeders saying they are "ethical breeders" and the intention is obviously a good one but it doesn't mean they are breeding healthily. |Some will have done their homework and some won't. They may have ethical breeding intentions but if the hamsters are pet shop hamsters in the first place, then the genetic background is unknown. And do they know at what age a mum hamster is too old to carry any more litters, even if she seems healthy? I think the best thing you can do is ask questions about how they are breeding their hamsters and find one you feel comfy with. You may disagree with their cage information, but after they come home to you, then they will be in your care and up to you to do what you think is best for that individual hamster. Because what I have learnt over the years from my own experience is that there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to housing, whether they've been big green sign pet shop hamsters, independent shop hamsters, adoptions or breeder hams. Different charities have different opinions on what is best too. So I think, trust your gut when it comes to a happy healthy ham and how they have been bred and take it from there.
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