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Default Actually Ethical Hamster Breeders

// First and foremost, I want to say that personally I do support the intentional breeding of hamsters and other rodents. I understand the adopt vs shop, and for a very long time was a consistent advocate for adopting. I also really rely on people who want to adopt as I do take in hamsters to rehome them out to proper homes. To me, an ethical breeder is someone who wants to improve the overall health of a species, or conserve them if that is what needs to be done. Please don't come here to debate whether adopting is better, as I am quite set on supporting an 'ethical' breeder. I have 0 intentions of breeding, at least within the next few years.


Hi, everyone. Recently, my Robovroski, Pico, passed away. I still have my Syrian hamster, Neptr, but I am really gutted over Pico's death. Having no knowledge of his age due to him being a rescue, and constantly questioning if I caused it or could have prevented it somehow has really gotten to me.

Since Neptr is a pedigree hamster, I know his literal birth date. That does bring me some consolation as, given he stays in fine health, I know I will have him for hopefully 2 more long years. With that being said, I think some time in the future, I would like another Syrian Hamster. I was initially on the fence, especially since my family had brought up me getting another hamster way too soon after Pico's death, but after thinking on it, I do quite want one. I am still really upset over Pico's death, and don't want another hamster for the super near future, but I definitely want another hamster.

I want to know the day it was born, and the conditions it was kept in prior to it coming to me. I also want to support someone who ensures all the other hamster pups go to proper sized and enriched homes. The issue is I do not agree with the National Hamster Clubs. I've read up on loads of breeders, specifically located in the Midlands and South of England. However, I just don't agree with their care.

I got Neptr from Towy Vales Hamstery in Wales. He has really close genetic lines to Tristar and Bourne Valley Hamsters. I think I was definitely blinded by the fact that he was Pedigree and therefore the breeders complied with the National Hamster Clubs. However, after more research following getting Neptr, I've decided I don't really agree with the general care. I've seen some breeders (not Neptr's, specifically) say that they have "120ish" hamsters in their CURRENT care. Also, they recommend 1000cm2 cage for Syrians, and that they "love" to climb barred cages, with a thin layer of sawdust and one handful of paper bedding in the corner. This isn't Neptr's breeder, but it definitely goes to show how wrong I was for so blindly choosing him.

I think despite disagreeing with the NHC, I like the concept of Pedigree regardless as I do want to see the family tree, date of birth and the specific genotypes. I'm just really lost as to what I can do, as I want the Pedigree but don't want a breeder who solely complies on any of the NHC's. How many ethical breeders are there? I understand at this point I'd have to travel far out, but I am definitely more than willing to if it means I can get an actual ethically produced hamster.
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