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Default Re: Raphael (Raffy's) Adventures

Yes he does but he must pee somewhere else as well as there's never as much pee in it as there should be! I suspect he had a toilet underground near his other hoards which is maybe why they went manky. As I said he's a bit of a nomad hamster so far. Maybe to do with his past as well. Not very houseproud so far and no set routine for nesting and toiletting. I'm hoping that will improve now I've moved the house.

Anyway after mentioning him looking for a hoard I decided to stick another handful of food under the substrate approximately where the old one would have been.

I was then getting a bit worried that he seemed to be not coming out of his house tonight. So called him and he popped his head out and was keen to come out again. He discovered the handful of food on the way and nearly didn't come out but the open door won over the handful of food this time.

So he's just as perky as normal and enjoying the wheel in his playpen right now.

Now if that had been Charlie it would have been serious freaking out at even one little thing being moved and I wouldn't have seen him for a week.
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