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Default Re: Diabetic Hamster Food

That is really useful to know Sushi and yes I don’t think it can be categorised in the same way as human diabetes (which has its complexities and grey areas as well).

That is a very good point about hamsters usually developing it later in life (for them). I think it’s widely accepted that Hybrid dwarf hamsters are very likely to develop diabetes which is why the sugar free diet can help. It won’t cure diabetes but it might help delay the onset or make it less severe possibly. The thinking behind the sugar free diet is to hope it can prevent onset. I may be wrong but I think it’s usually at about 1 year old it tends to develop.

Also agree that anything that keeps blood sugar lower is a good thing and if I had a hybrid dwarf I would definitely be giving them that Rodipet mix - for the best chance. Whether it’s herby or not! Unless they refused to eat it!
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