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Default Re: Spinning Hamster

While there may not be anything the vets could give, (except metacam if they believe it's related to a stroke and Pico is potentially having mini strokes which make him worse from time to time), a check wouldn't hurt and will just rule things out for certain. I think you mentioned you have a hamster savvy vet in your area so it may be something that they may have heard/seen before.

I have heard of hamsters spinning with stargazers, only problem is the people who knew more about it were on the hamster hideout forum which is now closed down.

While you may not see it, a head tilt caused by a nasty ear infection from before you had him can cause circling. Head tilts can be very slight but a lot of animals seem to adapt ok to the tilt and don't circle as severely as you're describing from what I know.

My one syrian, Ghost, had a stroke and he spun and rolled in one direction. It'd settle for an hour then it'd get worse again (he died as a result of it as it was very severe).

What may be useful is you videoing Pico spinning so when you see the vet, you can show them exactly what you mean. However, don't be surprised if they mention strokes or neurological issues. They may talk to you about euthanasia as there may question quality of life so may need to prepare yourself for that. Over the next few days really watch him and think about his quality of life, not just can he eat or drink, can he live a full life. I have got a quality of life checklist somewhere which I often refer to and can be adapted to many species. I can share it if you are interested, especially as you now run a rescue.
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