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Default Re: Looking for syrian hamster breeders in Kent or Essex area

Originally Posted by sushi_78 View Post
A registration with a hamster council/organisation is not the be all and end all and doesn't say anything about a breeder's standards or ethics. There are no welfare checks required to register a prefix with the NHC as it isn't intended to be an approved breeder list. NHC breeders are hobby breeders too.

I would look at the standards and ethics first and make registration with any particular organisation a secondary concern.

If you are personally satisfied with the breeder you've found there's no need to feel guilty about adopting from them.

I have heard of a breeder called Alpha Hamstery or Alpha Stud if that's close enough to you.
I did look into him but after reserch concluded he is not ethical
He rufused to show his setups rehome the babies at 5 weeks and when I asked about him on a hamster group someone said he's unethical to which he had someone message saying she was mentally unstable and his excuse for not showing cages was because of his family's privacy which is a load of bs as you can show cages without anything else in the pic
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