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Default Re: Looking for syrian hamster breeders in Kent or Essex area

Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
So, if you can't get a pedigree hamster from a registered breeder because there aren't any near you, you need to get a hamster from a hobby breeder who breeds for money?

I would ask how many times she breeds a hamster but there's no guarantee of a truthful answer of course.
She breeds her hamster no more than 3 times same as her rats and gerbils
I don't see the harm in just once to get a hamster from a breeder �� iv rescued most my hamsters and other pets and for once just getting one from a baby that I know the parentage and history to see it from just a few days old to when I bring it home to know its healthy and not been breed in a rodent mill which most rescue ones will have been
Im not going to feel guilty about just 1 time getting from a ethical breeder
My little babys
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