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I miss her a lot, sorry for the lack of replies. It was a rough week all around, a lot of nonsense at work. I wish I'd checked her a day sooner, she would still be here. Cupcake had such a great personality, so assertive and adventurous. I'm really glad we had that last big adventure, it was a joy to have her exploring around the bed for half an hour. She really loved my room, didn't care for treats while she was in it, just loved exploring and being in it.

I wish she were still here, we were in such a good place together. We were able to play without her getting scared, and she actually started looking for me sometimes. She was cute to the end, she always seemed to refuse admitting she wanted to spend time with me. Her little bluff charge was always so cute, or immediately rolling in the sand bath after each adventure.

I really do hope there is something afterward this life, and we can meet again.
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