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Default Re: Spinning Hamster

Hi, sorry Engel I think I forgot to post the reply that I had all written up. Maybe a stroke or stargazers? Not too sure. The closest he'd do to a backflip is when he was in his old cage with the smaller wheel, would go flying off it and land somewhere else.

See, I can't see it being an ear infection. He used to spin like mad before, but then settled after I had him for a bit. Now I watch him throughout the day & he seems absolutely fine. Not much (if any at all) spinning. At the night, however, he could spin for hours. So, if he's fine for most of the day (he wakes quite early, at about 6-7pm maybe), can the ear infection really only affect him at night??

From the thread I made for Pico when I first got him, everyone was pretty certain the spinning was stress related, and I thought vets may not be the best thing? Especially since he did stop relatively soon after. I could take him if you think that's something that would help, I just don't believe it's really something they can medicate for if it's a night time only activity.
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