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Default New but not eating

My best friend died a week and a half ago at 2.5 years old. I wasn't going to run out and get another ham so quick, but I went to Petsmart to get a Halloween costume for my dog (don't judge me) and fell in love with a jet black syrian.

They (don't know gender yet because I'm not touching) haven't eaten in over 24 hours. I specifically got the bag of the brand Petsmart uses to switch to a different brand safely and they won't touch any.

They also RAN on the wheel last night from like 5pm to lord knows how late. This morning when I checked on how they settled in, I thought they were dead because they didn't respond to stimuli for a good minute.

Ive had 6 hams now throughout my life and I've never had an issue with one settling in before. Obviously the low energy could be attributed to over exercising and not eating... but should I be worried?

When should I take her to the vet if not eating?
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