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Default Spinning Hamster

Haven't engaged with much here recently, but I've noticed my hamster spinning a bit more often. I do have a thread for him, but I thought I'd post this issue here instead.

Pico is an adopted Robo who I had the intentions of rehoming (I have been trying to take in neglected hamsters and rehome them out to homes who meet the minimum). He had previously been placed in hamster balls and chased by his previous' owners Cane Corso whilst he was in the ball. I think as a result of this extreme stress, he spins in circles whenever there is something that freaks him out.

For the past couple months, he would noticeably spin if the big light/lamp was on. For this reason, I kept the room as consistently dark as possible and only put the light on when it was truly needed. I then upgraded his enclosure to the IKEA Detolf, as previously he was housed in a Pets at Home "Large Wire Cage".

He's been in the Detolf for a while now, but I am unsure of if it is helping him. I have noticed him spinning more than he uses his wheel, even when the lights are off. He does different types of circles, including tight circles as well as larger circles, such as circles around his wheel. I've tried to break up the space by putting more and more enrichment, hides, etc. in the enclosure but it doesn't seemed to of helped much.

I try to check through the glass for any irritation of the ear, head tilting, discharge, etc. but I haven't seen much. I avoid holding Pico due to how stressed he gets, and considering his size, I feel as though it is a lot of stress to put on his heart.

I am not sure the Detolf is the best bet for him. Maybe the glass that shows into the rest of the room stresses him out? Or maybe its just the PTSD-type of thing that's getting worse as he ages?

I'm not sure how to help him so was wondering if anyone here has many ideas?
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