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I have 3 male Syrians living in the same room and they share a play area. Yes, there's a lot of sniffing and scenting in the play areas but they love doing that.
I feel so bad for Rodney because i have to deprive him of that because of his health issues.
They sit and watch each other from their cages sometimes but of course, they never come into contact with each other.
Jack took his mat down three times now by cheeing through the string so he can look into Rory's cage. Knowing Jack he probably wants to check if Rory has something edible he hasn't, lol.
The only problem i encountered was when i had female foster Syrians. Their presence drove the boys crazy, especially Rory. There are details in his thread in the first half. I had to stop taking in females for rehoming.
No issues with female dwarfs.
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