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Cupcake and I had some A+ quality time tonight. We did treats in the sand bath, half an hour of out of bin time with her mostly zooming around my bed, and her classic after human bath. 11 pm seems to be her approved human time, which is a bit late for me but she's worth it.

I wasn't 100% sure she wanted out of bin, and was initially reading her nibbles wrong. They were a bit forceful but not bites, and she pulled my thumb a bit. She went into the taxi pretty quickly when offered it. I think I did a good job of making sure she had enough of an adventure though.

Next time I will feel comfy filming the adventure, but got some good footage otherwise. I think we do have a bit of a bond now, her behavior on the adventure was phenominal. Cupcake was so comfy, and having an absolute ball. I didn't have my bed made, and the comforter having peaks and valleys was more interesting than any toy to her.

Treats and Snuggles
I Want Up!
After Human Bath

Aww, before bed she heard me rustling around, Cupcake came up to the side and pawed for me. She made a new vocalization, it's a shorter and gentler click than the leave me alone version. Pretty sure she was asking for me to come over, I gave her a special treat of a bit of cheddar cheese.

It's hard to contain my excitement at having her back in my life like this, Cupcake seems to have chosen me. She's a bit bigger, has her winter coat, and more relaxed. But her personality still shines through, she's blossomed into quite the lady.

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