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Default Re: Suggestions for website

Originally Posted by sushi_78 View Post
With regard to avocado, this is what I wrote for a safe foods list on a gerbil forum:


Everything above applies to hamsters too.

I dislike categorising everything into black and white categories of safe and unsafe. There are very few foods that are absolutely toxic to hamsters but many that are not ideal to feed for various reasons. Online lists that just say safe or unsafe without any explanation have led to many misconceptions, such as that iceberg lettuce is toxic (it isn't, it's just nutritionally empty). I like to just present the evidence and let people make up their own minds whether they want to feed something, in most cases.

The reason for cooking cauliflower is probably because it can be difficult to digest raw. Hamsters probably have more robust digestive systems than we do, but again, it's something for each person to decide.
Thank you for explaining this. I agree that your idea to explain the reason why food may be fed in moderation etc is far more helpful.

I used the food list you created for gerbils when it came to making Orko's food. It was so helpful.
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