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Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
The Marrakesch 120 is also showing as back ordered. The Hoppelgarten is in stock - when I put it in my basket for checkout it came up with unfortunately not able to deliver to your address (ie to the Uk). So there's Brexit for you! Grr. And the Hoppelgarten is ridiculously expensive - it used to be about 160 before the pandemic.

What doesn't make sense is the Skyline Leon says the same on - can't be shipped to your address. But it's available on the Uk website! Which suggests it's made in the Uk, not germany. And the Marrakesch 100 is available in the Uk too (but not the 120). All very annoying. The prices are way higher than pre pandemic. Even the Leon is about 90 (used to be 65) and it's too small for hamsters! Possibly ok for a dwarf but the base is on the small side.

Sorry Rashy - hijacking your thread a bit.

Haha, its okay.
I have a hard time choosing, but the barney cage is actually easier for me to get a hold on as I dont drive.

The pandemic have pushed the price up at a lot of things. I feel so stupid as I did throw the bottom frame there belonged to the aquarium away, I did not know what is were for.
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