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Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
This is the natural set up for a Syrian hamster I mentioned. No platform but lots of enrichment.

Obi's natural set up is complete!

This thread shows another set up for a Syrian - which has quite a lot of enrichment but could do with a platform (some overhead cover).

Maxi Duna Multy Has Arrived!
Wow, that top cage is beautiful! Yeah, i canít recommend overhead cover enough, glad you mentioned it. It has completely changed how my hammy acts. Definitely correct, even more so than the bedding issue is the platform issue with the height of the cage and lack of being able to add lots of cubby holes and areas for them to hide away into/under. The confidence change youíll have in a hamster is worth doing anything for. Definitely leans to being more suitable for a dwarf in other aspects away from smaller floor space.
Otto - Syrian (1 year old) - 1200sq inch cage
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