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This is the natural set up for a Syrian hamster I mentioned. No platform but lots of enrichment.

Obi's natural set up is complete!

This thread shows another set up for a Syrian - which has quite a lot of enrichment but could do with a platform (some overhead cover).

Maxi Duna Multy Has Arrived!

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Agree with above. It is 750sq inches, good for a dwarf or ageing hammy. Though quite expensive. You could do an Ikea DIY for much less and much larger space. A syrian could be happy in there *if* you added a bunch of enrichment, however the height is quite small in general and probably too small to fit this enrichment in for a Syrian. If iíve found the right cage the height is 36cm. An adequate sized wheel (28cm) will fit if you place it flat on the bottom but then that removes burrowing space, and that space is already limited due to the small bottom tray. You would have to add plastic inserts around the sides to bring bedding levels up, but then that leaves hardly any room above for enrichment (14.2-6inch of bedding leaves 8.2 inches available for toys.). You could try make it work but itís expensive for what it is. I guess you could give it a go, or see how others have set it up? A shame the height is so small, would be a good commercial cage otherwise as it is very pretty. If this is the only cage available to you go for it however. It is so much better than most other cages on the market.
Agree - wheel placement can be an issue. On the natural set up above, Lisa had the wheel at one end as a sand area and a deeper two thirds at the other end. Or you can "fence in" the wheel if it's central and have deeper substrate the other side of the fence. I definitely think that cage needs a platform for overhead cover (or large cork logs at least).

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