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I haven't had one. I love the look of it and idea of it. As Ria says it's good for a dwarf hamster. It is top opening and some hamsters don't like a hand from above. But it's a very large top opening and the cage isn't too tall so you could probably get your arm in at an angle so it's not like a hand from above.

It could be tricky to set up for a Syrian due to the height and it not being easy to fit shelves or platforms. It will fit a 28cm wheel in the centre, but not a 12" one.

I have seen a lovely set up in one for a Syrian - a natural set up - but it's too easy for people to not give quite enough enrichment in that cage due to no bars to attach shelves to or hanging items. So it needs a bit of thought and creativity.

I would say a freestanding platform is a must in there - but the cage has curved edges so it could be tricky to fit in - again a bit of creativity needed there. And instead of roof hanging toys - some taller floor toys to give some overhead cover. Although I have seen a rat sputnik hung from the top door/bars. You can only put it in one area - so the sputnik comes out when the door is opened (making sure the hamster isn't in the sputnik at the time!).

But it's a lovely looking 100cm tank style cage, much lighter and easier to move than a glass tank. Needs a lot of floor toys and enrichment.
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