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Default IKEA Komplement Cage

I finally got the IKEA Komplement cage built and video edited, so thought I would discuss it all here:

IKEA Komplement Cage1 forum.jpg
IKEA Komplement Cage forum.jpg

In the end it cost me approx £130 to do absolutely everything, including the actual cage, the lid, attaching the lid and adding a piston arm so the lid will stay open without it having to rest on anything such as a wall (got this idea from my Marrakesh cage) and making a platform with wheels for it to go on. My video shows how to do all of these steps.

If you just want to make the basic cage with a lid attached it will be approx £96

I am housebound so reliant on ordering items that can be delivered, so you may find all the items cheaper elsewhere.

I have listed absolutely everything I bought with prices in the description under the video:

Ikea Komplement Hamster Cage - YouTube

The tools you will need are drill, screwdriver, staple gun and a saw.

The internal measurements are:

96cm x 57cm x 55.5cm high = 5472 sq cm = 848 sq inches

Downside is it is a very heavy cage but the upside is that this makes it more solid and secure than some of the other IKEA hacks.

Overall I am very happy with it.

If anyone has any questions, just ask and I will try to answer.
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