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Default Re: Where can I get glass tanks in the UK

Originally Posted by Pin View Post
Looking to buy a 75 gallon/280l glass tank for my hamster but I dont want to pay an extortionate amount like pets at home are asking.
I dont want the cupboard units either, just a tank.

Rn my ham is housed in a 115x50cm cage but its made of wood and while im not worried about him chewing through it (its thick wood) its waking me up all hours of the night as we have to share a bedroom ^^"
I thought about buying the marakesh cage on zooplus as theres nothing for him to get his teeth into, but its slightly smaller and It seems unfair to downgrade on his size just so I can sleep.
if i was you, i would look on facebook marketplace or ebay for second hand tanks. facebook marketplace is very good and very cheap + i've found many very cheap ikea detolfs on there but if ur not looking for second hand, i would look in either the range's fish area. i'm not sure what the prices are in the range bc i didn't look but i did see quite a lot of glass tanks.
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