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Default Re: My hamster is once again ignoring me

Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
Oh yes, you are lucky to have a hamster who interacts with you.

Many hamsters prefer to do their own thing a lot of the times.
So I've noticed. He's a very good hamster. We've had rough times together. I'll never forget when he had bugs and the beginning of it wasn't very pleasant for me. I felt that I regret getting a hamster and it was difficult. I also was misinformed by different YouTube channels that hamsters don't overeat, so whenever I saw him food bowl empty I put more food and I bought him so many sweets and I fed him a lot and he ended up being obese (107g) and only the third vet that I went to said that he's fat. Now he's 74g as of yesterday. I was told he has to weigh maximum of 50g, but that's simply not possible. I give him 2 teaspoons a day and sometimes also veggies, like cucumbers. He has to be at least a year old now, because I got him in August.

I looked at the pictures I took on the first day of him and he was fatter then than he is now. I remember that's why I also picked him out over the other hamsters. He was overweight and so cute. I don't know how much he weighed back then though.
But yeah, I remember I wasn't allowed to touch him at all back in the day. Now I'm allowed to touch him and his water and food bowl. Anything else I'm not allowed to touch. Especially the wheel. He'll try to stop me, but yeah, in general we get along great and I don't regret having him at all. It's been a great experience.
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