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Default Re: My hamster is once again ignoring me

Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
I'm glad that you are feeling happy with your hamster again.

I read your thread but to be honest, i didn't know what to say about it.

I had a dwarf who lived his whole life ignoring me but it didn't bother me.
The thing is weíve spent time together everyday and we play every single day. Usually he comes out when he hears me and he usually always comes onto my hand, but he ignored me for a couple days and I started to wonder if itís all over. After I created this thread he started sniffing around and looking outside the cage, so I went to the cage and put my hand there and he came onto my hand and we went to the playground and played for half an hour and then I brought him back home. I guess he just wanted to be alone for awhile and didnít pay any attention to me. Usually when I pet him he turns around and licks my finger, but he didnít care for me petting him at all. Today everything was back to normal.

I was concerned there might be a health issue or something.
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