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Default My hamster is once again ignoring me

Hello everybody,
My hamster used to be very friendly and whenever I called his name or was close to the cage and he noticed me he wanted to come out and spend time with me, however, for whatever reason that has changed. He's now ignoring me and he's also ignoring my hand. When I offer him food from my hand he takes it and runs away with it. Before he used to sit on my hand and eat.
I don't recall doing anything differently, I haven't cleaned his cage or I don't see any reasons why he should be ignoring me.
Do you have any ideas what might be the cause of it? And when I put my hand in the cage he just casually walks by. It's as if I don't even exist. He doesn't even react when I pet him. He literally acts as if I don't exist. He's not attacking me either or anything. He literally acts as if I didn't exist anymore. Makes me wonder if I really exist.
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