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Default Re: UK Hamster Cages 2021

Originally Posted by sushi_78 View Post
I don't know if anyone else here gets emails from Little Pet Warehouse but I just got one to say that they're going to sell the Grosvenor and Langham (double height Grosvenor) in a 100cm size. Also the Plaza (which is different from the Savic Plaza), though that one's much too tall for hamsters really (although probably good for rats).

I'm interested to know how much they will cost. I think the Savic Plaza is still a better option for a 100cm cage due to the large front door but maybe these ones will be more affordable.

Bigger Versions Of Our Popular Cages!
Excellent find - just looked properly. The 100cm Grosvenor is 54cm deep - same floor space as the Barney cage used to be. Yet also not too tall at 39cm - so more like the height of the hamster heaven. It looks like it will be a good option. The downside being it is top opening only. Some hamsters would be ok with that, some may not be (and some owners too!).

The new bigger Langham is the same floorspace again, has a couple of smaller doors on the front which is a bonus. But far too tall for a hamster - it would probably need a full level but still another 100cm option.

Lets face it there is a shortage of 100cm cages since the Barney and Alexander became unavailable.

Now if they would just do one with a large front opening door!
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