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Default Rapid Fur loss!

My hamster Glitch who is 1 year and a few months has suddenly gotten this large bald patch on his side which is increasing in size. I first noticed it on tuesday but because of the placement thought it was just her scent glands but today Iíve checked on her and the bald patch is significantly bigger. I cant get to the vets until monday as I dont drive but some opinions on the urgency or possible cause would be very helpful.

She has had mites before in the past but this doesnt seem like mites, the only thing that I can think of that was new on tuesday was the heatwave. Ive had a fan in the hamster room (not directed at the cage but nearby) for the past few days which couldíve stressed her out? Im wondering if maybe thereís something abrasive in her cage or something is making her itchy and causing her to scratch more often. I checked her yesterday and she seemed fine but today the bald patch has grown a lot. Here is a photo of what it looked like on Tuesday, Wednesday and the last two are today:

AC525-F98-A1-C0-453-A-B1-CC-C37602-F733-E8 — ImgBB
22-DD2-E78-B4-E7-4576-A2-BC-CE5-CBD6792-A3 — ImgBB
78278728-3329-4203-A8-E8-998-FA611-BC6-B — ImgBB
F0-A9-E8-EF-8-BE6-499-E-ACAC-C7576-CD94-DEE — ImgBB
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