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Default Re: Where can I get glass tanks in the UK

Being very new does make a difference. Have you cleaned him out since he was in there? That can stress them out when they’re settling in and make them want to escape. Do you have enough space to add a flying saucer as well as a wheel? Just asking because our Syrian constantly tried to chew his way out of the playpen but since I added the 30cm flying saucer he’s stopped bothering. Basically something to distract him.

As it’s early days I’d hang fire and maybe try a few things.

Our current Syrian chewed off all the cardboard I’d put round the inside of the cage, during his first couple of weeks! I’d done that to have deeper bedding so of course all the bedding fell out. But then he settled down. Even. Pw though he will start to bar chew in the evening if he sees me and I haven’t let him out by 9pm! But only a little bit.

Maybe try scatter feeding as well. It sounds like he might just get bored at 5am and see if he can get out!

Could you post a photo of your set up? The odd tweak might solve it.

Having said that, the Marrakesh could still be a good option if set up carefully to make the most of the space.
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