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Default Re: Do hamsters chirp when they're happy?

Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
I wouldn't use google as a reference because they don't know your hamster.

Most of my hamsters are vocal and one chirps. He chirps when he's annoyed or wants to complain to me about something. Google didn't mention that one.

I don't know why your hamster chirped but it was almost like he was trying to tell you something.
Did you check his cage and make sure that his water bottle and wheel are working ok?

I'm not sure where you are but if i remember right you are in Eastern Europe? If so, it's hot just now. Maybe he was feeling the heat and wanted a little piece of cool cucumber to cool him down.

England isn't too bad and i'm from Central Europe so grew up with extreme temperatures but even i moan about the hot weather. Maybe your hamster complained about it to you.

Some hamsters chirp when happy or excited but ours only chirp or screech when they are grumpy and some hamsters simply enjoy to sit on their human's hand.

Did you check him over to make sure he is ok?
You're right. I probably shouldn't use Google. Very many sites still recommend hamster balls etc and if I hadn't done more research guess who'd be running around in a hamster ball now?

He always has water and food, always. Water is also #1 priority. He doesn't drink from a bottle, but from a dish. He has water bottle, but I have never seen him drinking from there, but I've seen him drinking from the dish, so water dish it is.

Right now the weather is ok. It's not too hot nor too cold. He hasn't chirped today I don't know what it was yesterday, but I guess I shouldn't be worried?

I am pretty sure he's okay. I still can't check his stomach properly. I've tried to get him on his back but he does not like that at all and there's no point to force him. Even if I give him food while he's on his back. I believe he's okay though.

Thank you
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