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Default Do hamsters chirp when they're happy?

you all are more experienced with hamsters than I am. Today my hamster was behaving strangely. It was the first time he had ever behaved like this.

He wanted to get out of his cage, so I took him out and put him on the playground, but he didn't want to be there. So I took him out and put him on the bed and he didn't want to be there either. The same thing happened when he was on the couch. He always came back on my hand very fast. He was just sitting on my hand and chirping for about half an hour. The chirping was quiet, not loud.

He was just sitting on my hand and didn't move much, but he was chirping. When I googled it, it said it can be stress or pain or they might be fighting (He's all alone, so fighting is not an option and there are no other hamsters).

He has never just sat on my hand and always was excited to go somewhere and sometimes I can't get him off the couch, because he's not coming on my hand and there has been times when I've had to wait for him for an hour to come onto my hand.

Is everything okay or should I be worried?
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