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Default Re: Something amazing happened to me

Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
Lol! He looks like a Syrian to me on that photo! But I'll take your word for it he's a dwarf hamster - hard to tell from that angle. Being heavier doesn't mean he's overweight - it means he's large. Hamsters come in varying sizes, within their species. For example a small Syrian might only be 100 to 120g. A large Syrian could be 270g! Average is about 175g

For dwarf hamsters the weight will vary hugely too.
He can't be Syrian, because he's small. My mom saw him the first time and was very surprised how small he is and said he looks bigger on the pictures ( I usually zoom in when I take photos of him ) Mr.Bogie isn't really into cameras.
I hope he's fine. Now that I look at older photos his fur has definitely changed. He has a black dot near his eye and I'm positive it's a fur, because I checked it just incase.
His fur has definitely changed compared to the last year. At one point he didn't have fur on his stomach but now it's back. I have a lot to learn about hamsters. Hopefully ya'll forgive me. He's my first hamster.
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