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A tip. Whatever hamster food you buy, put it in the freezer for a week before using it! Saw your other thread about bugs. It's very common for pet foods to contain moth eggs or bug eggs etc and they can hatch out when it's warm. Freezing the food for a week kills the eggs
My dwarf hamster is at least a year old. I mean I got him in August last year and I feed him the food that the vet gave me (actually sold me) and I guess he'll be on that food for the rest of his life and I won't be running out of the food any time soon.
I can't make him lose weight to 50g. The vet said they're supposed to weigh 30-50g, but mine is 'obese'.
Picture of him from today, if you're interested

He's actually 78g. When I brought him to the vet he was 107g… I give him 1 teaspoon per day, but sometimes I've given him salad or a cucumber (which the vet told me not to give, but members of this forum tell me to give). I also let him run on my bed and on my couch. I mean actually he's active, he runs and unfortunately he can still climb out of the cage. He only starts climbing out when I am near the cage and I guess he likes being with me, because he doesn't like being held by other people and always tries to come on my hand. He also doesn't go on anyone else's hand put he comes on my hand immediately when I put my hand in the cage and he even calmly sits on my hand, unless we are close to the playground or his cage. It's a big leap forward. When I first got him he was very frightened and startled at everything. Now I can even pet him and he lets me. Owning a hamster has certainly been a great experience. We even survived the heatwaves. Both of us were literally dying during the hot days and I didn't know what to do with Bogie, but somehow we survived. When there was a heatwave he was very inactive and barely even moved around. There's still a lot to learn and good thing that I google everything, even the most basic things. I didn't know that a fan can't be directly on a hamster. He's still chirping from time to time, but he has been always asleep while chirping.

I'm not sure the bugs came from the food, because I remember freezing bedding and food but they were still there. I literally deep cleaned my apartment almost daily as well, and by that I mean I cleaned absolutely everything daily and I didn't see bugs anywhere else but his cage. I'm thinking he got them from the store and my best bet is that other hamsters got it the bugs as well.

Another question, do you happen to know what my hamster is? I googled the average lifespan of a winter dwarf and it said that the average lifespan is a year. Does that mean we don't have much time left?
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