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Default Savic Orbital wheel

Does anybody have or has had the blue Savic Orbital wheel?

I'm looking for opinions because it's such an odd wheel but Syrian Clive loves it. I acquired one as part of a free cage.

The wheel is very low to the ground and the stand has hooks on one side so the stand isn't flat. It is possible to attach it to bars with the hooks.

I'm thinking of trying it out before buying him a new wheel because i still don't know which wheel would suit Clive. He is small but very heavy footed and runs in any big wheel. The lightweight Trixies aren't sturdy enough for him and he makes them move.

I have no idea how i would place the Savic Orbital in a barred cage.

It's too low to go on substrate or sand but i can't see how it could go on a solid surface with that base.

Would it stay in place if hooked onto the bars with Clive being a clonky runner?

Any input, experience or advice would be appreciated and thank you in advance.
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