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Default Re: Rescue Robo terrified of hands.

Robo's are naturally very fast, often run away and hide on instinct and can take months not weeks to start to trust humans. Your Robo may have had bad experiences with hands which wouldn't help matters. A lot depends on the individual hamster's personality, regardless of species.

I currently have a rescue Robo who belonged to a child who got fed up with him. He was probably wrongly or excessively handled because all he wants now is to be left alone to carry on with his life.

I recently put him in a playpen but he panicked and raced around squeaking very loudly so i have no plans on repeating this in the near future.

You can try and catch him to put him into a playpen and see how he reacts. Many hamsters behave differently when out of their cage and it can go either way.

He may be very happy living in a detolf and not want out of cage time though.
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