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Default Rescue Robo terrified of hands.

I rescued a Robo hamster a little time ago, he's about 5 months, and he is absolutely terrified of hands and hand movements. This is my first Robo/Dwarf, I have owned Syrians before. Have done some research and understand they are usually the most wild/untamed type of hamster.

I can be around his enclosure and he will even sit pretty close to the glass while I am moving about and talking to him, but as soon as there is a hand he is hiding for a long time. I am pretty sure his first owner used to chase him around to catch him.

I want to attempt to tame him, but am not really sure how because as soon as I attempt to give him a treat with my hand, he's gone. He isn't even around long enough to realise I am giving him a treat or to see my drop a treat next to him. I tried to stand with my hand in the tank for a long time but he doesn't come back out again for over over an hour and sometimes never does. I have also been giving him toilet paper with my scent on to get him used to me too.
He might simply be untameable with this fear, which I would be fine with because it's also nice to be around him.

I also haven't been able to take him out the enclosure yet to run in his playpen, I tried with a toilet roll to transport him but he freaked out when I cupped the ends. I don't want to stress him and he was pretty stressed after that one try. He's in an Ikea Detolf with a lot of spots to hide in.

I would at the least love to be able to allow him some playpen time, even if he will never be a sit in your hand type hamster, would love some advice on how I can do this without stressing him.
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