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Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
This is the one about Robos in the wild

Roborovski hamsters - BBC 'Wild China' - YouTube

There's also this Rodipet video about Syrians living in the wild in Syria. At one time Rodipet used to do research projects.

Goldhamster in Syrien 2010 - YouTube

Hamster in the Wild (I believe this was recorded in Germany)

Wild European Hamster Courtship - YouTube

Black bellied hamster digging a burrow (the wild hamsters are much bigger).

Black Bellied Hamster 1 - YouTube

The black bellied hamster is the European wild hamster. I think they're mainly in Belgium but some in Germany. Endangered species now. I think they're also in Ukraine and Russia.

European hamster added to '''critically endangered''' list - BBC News
Oh! That BBC Wild documentary is the one I was thinking of, that Robo colony was just way too cute! Who couldn't like a pile of Robo hamsters?

It's no documentary, but I did find one video with a wild Winter White. It's about what you would think, sorta running around, sort of doing a circle, they're so goofy xD

Wild Winter White
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