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Default Re: Say hello to Pip (Aka Pipkin)

Thanks ilguy Interestingly - Pip has seemed a bit more inclined to approach me since then. In fact last night he nearly tried to climb out of the cage. So I think he wants to come out again! Usually he runs away and hides. I need to sort that. The problem is Raffy is so demanding every night! From about 8pm onwards, and hogs the playpen. I can rig up a separate playpen but not sure I can handle them both being out at the same time! Might need to do alternate nights. Although - it's possible to have them both out at the same time in different areas and Raffy seems happy to be left on his own in the playpen a lot (providing the playpen is in his approved room). Pip is harder work to get out as well - although - he might climb into something now. He deserves to be out more.
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