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Default hamster suddenly biting

hi everyone! so I feel like I've been posting about my hamster Dusty a lot lately but I guess he's just unique because he's started doing another weird thing lately
so dusty (Campbells but can also have some winter white mixed in) has always been the most used to humans out of all my hamsters. he is my only non-pet store hamster and was extremely tame from the beginning, as tame as my Syrian hamster! he never once bit me even on the 1st day I had him, and he loves human attention and running across my lap and bedroom, coming back to me the second I call him or pat on the floor (although he'll never sit still and let me pet him or take a nap on me)
Lately he started biting me and I have no idea why. He still begs me to take him out and willingly climbs on to me so I dont think its a fear thing. he never bites hard enough to draw blood, but its more than just a nibble and its enough for me to put him back in his cage.
I have no idea how old he is so I was wondering if hamsters bite more as they age? I always assumed he was a baby when I got him which would make him about 6 months now but its possible that he's older. I tried washing my hands and it helped a little bit but not that much, I think he just didnt like the taste of soap but honestly it didnt really stop him.
I know campbells are known for biting, but he's never bitten me before now.
if anyone has any ideas and advice as to why this might be happening, I would really appreciate it, and to anyone who took the time to read this, thank you so so much!
(I'm going on vacation and will be offline for the next few weeks so I might not answer to replies, but I will definitely look at them the second I get back and am thanking you in advance for your answers )
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