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Originally Posted by Petite View Post
Is it really, though? It's all I can buy locally. For anything else (eg our robo's food) I have to order online. Dwarf Enigma seems to like Harry Hamster - although recently he's been turning his nose up at it - wonder if it's going stale as we get towards the bottom of the bag.
I don't believe food mix quality is subjective to be honest. Harry-hamster is classified as a low-grade food in comparison to other mixes because you can find mixes with greater variety E.G: Higgins Sunburst, or a mix with insect protein E.G: Bunny Nature Hamster Dream Expert, or even mixes that are organic and don't use preservatives or food colouring E.G: Rodipet organic. Harry hamster lacks alot of these qualities, so you can have a thriving, healthy and happy hamster who lives on Harry Hamster, but there diet won't necessarily be "superior" to all the other foods on the market.
I'd read the Hamingway's guide to organizing foods and check out their food database, or even read the Hamster hideout's guide to commercial mixes.
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