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Default Re: possible stroke?

Do you have a photo of her cage set up? If she's 2 you could do to remove levels and ramps and keep everything at floor level or she could fall. If there's enough floor level to add more enrichment there.

If she has had a stroke there isn't much you can do. They can recover a bit after a few days and carry on. If you're speaking to the vet, double check the dosage and the markings on the syringe.

When our hamsters get to that age I do that. Their back legs can become weak and they don't climb as well and can fall. I tend to put any favourite toys they had on shelves, at floor level and add a couple of new tunnels etc at floor level so it's still interesting, but remove the levels and ramps. I sometimes fix the shelves right up at the top, butting up to the roof inside - because that way they still get the overhead cover from the shelf as if sitting under it, so they don't feel too exposed. I think stairs in the cage are maybe a bit risky at age 2.

They really appreciate it too as they can often move around quite fast on the level but just not do climbing etc.
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