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Default Re: possible stroke?

Hello. I can't quite imagine the "downstairs" bit?! Is that in her cage or out of the cage?

The weather is very warm right now and they can do quite a bit of laying down when they feel the heat. They don't cope too well with heat. Our Syrian did a laying down thing in the playpen last night. So it might be coincidental. But do check the dosage for the antibiotic. What dosage is she on?

They are tiny tiny amounts. and there is a bit difference between 0.1ml and 0.01ml. You should have a 1 ml syringe for the baytril that shows the tenth markings within each 0.1ml marking.

Some people actually put bags of frozen peas on top of the cage to cool things off. Or you can put a couple of mugs in the fridge and keep swapping them over (so she has somewhere cool and ceramic to retreat to). Does she have anything ceramic in the cage? They often go and sit there when they're too warm. And may even abandon the nest temporarily to try and cool off.

I just have a couple of ceramic things in the cage, which are fairly cool naturally. Also have the windows open a bit so the room doesn't get too stuffy (but make sure they're not directly in a draft as well). Or a fan in the room even.
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