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Default Re: possible stroke?

I'm sorry to hear that Icicle is unwell. I really don't know if she had a stroke or not.

Going upstairs and downstairs may not be a good idea for an unwell, 2 year old hamster. I level my older hamsters cages out by reducing the height of shelves, ramps etc. Some have moved into bungalow set ups where everything is on one level. Especially food, water and sleeping areas need to be easily accessible.

Icicle is on antibiotics and pain relief already so i would just let her sleep. Make sure that her food and water is within easy reach. If she's been to the vet last week and has been on the medication since it wouldn't be an adverse reaction to the medication. When is her follow up appointment? I'd phone the vet and explain what has happened to bring the appointment forward.

If Icicle becomes distressed, finds it hard to breathe or appears to be in pain for example, then you'd need to make an emergency appointment.

Sadly, at 2 years old you have to prepare yourself that she may not recover and be nearing the end of her life.

I sincerely hope that Icicle will make a recovery and i totally understand how worried you must be.
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