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Default Re: Taming baby russian dwarf

Originally Posted by Fluffy_Unicorn View Post
Hi Ria,

That's a good question. Do you have any tips on reading body language?

I am still getting to know Fluffy. I find it difficult to tell when he is getting stressed or scared. I don't think the chirping is a happy noise. He doesn't usually chirp, only has happened a couple of times during taming and when I first got him.
I can't say that i have tips on reading body language because it's really down to getting to know your hamster which can take some time. They are all so different.

I remember when i got my first hamster Henry i was often at a loss because i couldn't figure out what he liked and disliked.

I'd do the same you do and put him back in his cage when you're not sure what he wants. At least he's in a familiar environment then where he feels safe.
He'd come to his door or front of the cage if he'd want to come out again.
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