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Default Re: Extreme bar chewing

Originally Posted by Bookish View Post
Shes had a tank and a 3 1/2 by 2 foot vivarium as it was spare and bigger, she still chewed both as she managed to get the edges of the glass.

Shes back in the Alaska with a 12 inch wheel, shes my fourth Syrian, and Ive never had a hamster bar chew like this. It seems once she starts she gets stuck in the cycle. Ive tried covering the bars with the grass mats and she just removes them so she can get to the bars
It's a game isn't it? Have you tried weaving strips of cardboard through the bars? At least then they have to chew the cardboard away first.

One question - does she have a big house that's dark inside? They can often settle more when they have something like a large labyrinth house so they can have normal burrow behaviours.
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